Lightning Medical Research (LMR) is focused on rapidly accelerating progress in scientific research of selected progressive diseases. LMR implements this goal by collecting disease related data directly from patients and making that data available to scientific researchers, without disclosing the patient’s identity, location or contact information.

The traditional model of disease-related data collection tends to put doctors between patients and researchers, restricting data collection to “doctor sanitized” channels. These channels are significantly constrained by the limited time doctors can spend with each patient. Scientific researchers are then left to “make their best guess” as to which hypotheses to test in new controlled studies aimed at finding a cure, or developing new treatments for symptoms. Through LMR, scientific researchers can obtain real-time data from an ever-expanding global patient database, which is perpetually analyzed mathematically to identify innovative and often unexpected lines of new investigative research.

LMR is not controlled, funded by, or obligated to any educational institution, commercial or for-profit company, government or non-profit organization, entity, or group of persons. LMR therefore acts as an impartial “trustee” of medical data for the global patient community, united by the fight with that progressive disease. LMR was founded by Bruce Davies, a PD patient (for more information see “Contact” tab above and scroll down).

LMR has selected Parkinson’s disease as its first of many projects. The global patient base is estimated to be 6+ million people. LMR’s initial goal is to directly obtain targeted and specific data, in an on-going conversation with 50,000 Parkinson’s patients worldwide.

If you have Parkinson’s disease, please REGISTER now to start contributing your knowledge and experience to the fight to eradicate this disease. In addition, please forward this link to anyone you know who has Parkinson’s Disease.


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